PS1 DVD Logo Demo

By Alex Free

PS1 DVD Logo Demo is a small demo for the PlayStation 1 console. It essentially demonstrates the following features/functionality:

PS1 DVD Player uses 7 different CLUTs (ColorLookUpTables) to change the appearance of the single DVD logo sprite, using barely any VRAM. This demo also does not use the libgs library, making it “more to the metal” and tiny in size. The HBlank root counter is used to seed the random function for selecting each CLUT/color on screen.

All Japanese and American PS1/PS2 consoles are supported as they have the NTSC video mode. Everything is currently hard-coded to NTSC 320x240 resolution, and the demo will currently not work on PAL consoles in PAL video mode. PAL consoles with an NTSC video mod would also work.


Version 1.0 (11/25/2022)

Building From Source


*Timedit is optional and not required for just building the source. However if you want to mess with the TimEdit project file dvd.tpj to change the TIM image. I Suggest my fork because currently (as of 11/25/2022) the [original TimEdit] doesn’t work on Linux, only Windows. My fork works on both.

After downloading the latest source, cd into ps1-dvd-logo-demo source directory and execute these commands (this is a one-liner):

cmake --preset default . && cmake --build ./build --clean-first


PS1 DVD Logo Demo is released under the 3-BSD license. See the file license.txt in each release for more info.