Anti-Piracy Bypass System

Background Info

Starting in late 1998, some specific PSX games began implementing additional copy protection designed to prevent playing backup CD-R copies of a game. Different types of additional copy protection have been found in PSX games over the years. Tonyhax International supports such games on a game by game basis, with a goal of finding and adding the ability to play all such games eventually.

Full Supported Protected Games List

Types Of Protection


The very first kind of ‘standardized’ additional copy protection that appeared in later PSX games. This is only found in some Japanese games. The APv1 style protection can only prevent a backup CD-R of a game from working on a console that has a ‘non-stealth mod-chip’ installed. APv1 style protection can not detect games booted with Tonyhax International on a stock console without a non-stealth mod-chip.

Quite a few of the many APv1 games have support at this time. Newer updates to International will add support for more APv1 games.


Unlike APv1, APv2 detects both soft-mods and non-stealth mod-chips. It is found in some Japanese games, some USA games, and a few PAL games.

At this point almost all if not every single game with this protection now has a working bypass implemented.

The very early SCPH-3000 Japanese consoles, and all SCPH-1000 Japanese consoles are immune to tripping APv2 as long as they are not containing a ‘non-stealth’ mod-chip. These consoles will work with every game without a bypass even being needed.

What Happens When Additional Anti-Piracy Protection Is Triggered

poporogue japan rev 0 apv1 triggered

dino crisis usa rev 0 apv2 triggered

spyro year of the dragon usa rev 0 apv2 triggered

When triggered, the APv1 and APv2 style copy protections will trigger an ‘anti-piracy screen of death’. If you encounter an APv2 game that triggers this screen, then the specific game disc is not yet supported (this is a work in progress). In such a case please open an Anti-Piracy issue on the Tonyhax International Github to let me know about this specific game which contains APv2 protection. I would eventually like every game that can trigger the anti-piracy copy protection routine when booted via Tonyhax International on a stock console to have a bypass implemented for 100% compatibility.


Some games may contain an EDC-based protection measure. For the affected games, this protection is triggered when you burn the EDC protected PSX CD image with standard CD burning software (like IMGBurn) that forces invalid EDC data to be corrected before writing it the disc. If valid EDC is found where an invalid EDC was expected, then when played on a real PSX will cause the game to trip the protection and lock up.

Burning With CDRTools

I recommend using the latest CDRTools for burning EDC protected PSX games on Linux. There are pre-built portable releases of a new enough CDRTools for Linux available. Windows versions are available somewhere. The required command syntax for burning EDCRE patched games is this:

cdrtools -raw16 --speed=x cuefile=yourgame.cue

Breakdown what each of these arguments to CDRTools do:

-raw16 specifies to burn the cd image without regenerating EDC/ECC data internally. You can’t use the default dao mode anyways because there is some bug in regards to handling the pre-gap between the data and audio tracks when burning with the latest cdrtools currently anyways.

--speed=x specifies the burn speed. Replace x with a number.

cuefile=yourgame.cue specifies that your using a cue file named yourgame.cue. Replace yourgame.cue with the game’s cue file your burning.

Burning With CDRDAO v1.2.5

CDRDAO v1.2.5 and up supports burning EDC Protected PSX games with CD audio tracks correctly using the generic-mmc-raw driver. There are pre-built portable releases of a new enough CDRDAO for Linux available. The required command syntax for burning EDCRE patched games is this:

cdrdao write --speed x --driver generic-mmc-raw --swap -n --eject yourgame.cue

Breakdown what each of these arguments to CDRDAO do:

Burning Dance Dance Revolution 2nd Remix Japan


Some PAL PSX games are using a different copy protection scheme known as LibCrypt protection. Similar to EDC protection, LibCrypt protection is triggered when you burn a LibCrypt protected PSX CD image with standard CD burning software, which in most cases changes the SubChannel data when burning such a protected PSX CD image.

LibCrypt protection can be bypassed by ripping the disc image, patching it with the LibCrypt Patcher, and then burning it to a CD-R using any standard burning software.

Protected Games Support

This is the complete list of all protected games with bypasses for the additional anti-piracy measures that are supported by Tonyhax International. They will all boot and play correctly on both stock, unmodified consoles and consoles with any kind of mod-chip installed (including non-stealth mod-chipped consoles).

Animetic Story Game 1: Card Captor Sakura

Alundra 2

Arc The Lad III

Beat Mania Append GottaMix

Beatmania featuring Dreams Come True

Beatmania Best Hits

Beat Mania: The Sound of Tokyo

Beat Mania 6thMix + Core Remix

Bishi Bashi Special 2

Boku no Natsuyasumi: Summer Holiday 20th Century

Breath of Fire IV

Bust A Move 2: Dance Tengoku Mix

Capcom vs. SNK: Millennium Fight 2000 Pro

Chase The Express

Chocobo Racing: Genkai e no Road

Crash Bash

Crash Bandicoot Racing

Cool Boarders 2001

Dancing Blade Katte ni Momotenshi II: Tears of Eden (Disc 1)

Dance Dance Revolution

Dance Dance Revolution: Best Hits

Dance Dance Revolution: Disney’s Rave

Dance Dance Revolution Konamix

Dance Dance Revolution Extra Mix

Dance Dance Revolution 2nd Remix

Dance Dance Revolution 2nd Remix: Append Club Version Vol. 1

Dance Dance Revolution 2nd Remix: Append Club Version Vol. 2

Dance Dance Revolution 3rd Mix

Dance Dance Revolution 4th Mix

Dance Dance Revolution 5th Mix

Dancing Stage Featuring Dreams Come True

Dancing Stage Featuring True Kiss Destination

Dino Crisis

Dino Crisis 2

Disney’s The Emperor’s New Grove

Doko Demo Issho

Exciting Bass 2

Exciting Bass 3

Final Fantasy VIII

Gekitotsu Toma L’Arc - L’Arc en Ciel vs Tomarunner

Glint Glitters

Global Force: Shin Sentou Kokka

Goo! Goo! Soundry

Grind Session

Guitar Freaks


Harlem Beat: You’re The One

Hyper Value 2800: Hanafuda

Hyper Value 2800: Hyper Pachinko

Hyper Value 2800: Mahjong

i-mode mo Issho: Doko Demo Issho Tsuika Disc

I.Q Final

Jikkyou Kyousouba Ikusei Simulation Game: Breeding Stud ‘99

Jikkyou Powerful Pro Yakyuu: Premium-ban

Jikkyou Powerful Pro Yakyuu ‘99: Ketteiban

Jikkyou Powerful Pro Yakyuu ‘99: Kaimakuban

Jikkyou Powerful Pro Yakyuu 2000: Ketteiban

Jikkyou Powerful Pro Yakyuu 2000: Kaimakuban

Jikkyou Powerful Pro Yakyuu 2001

Jikkyou Powerful Pro Yakyuu 2001: Ketteiban

Jikkyou Powerful Pro Yakyuu 2002: Haru

JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure

Shiritsu Justice Gakuen: Nekketsu Seishun Nikki 2

Koko Hore! Pukka

Koneko mo Issho

Legend Of Dragoon

Legend Of Mana

Lord Of Monsters

Love Hina: Ai wa Kotoba no Naka ni

Love Hina 2: Kotoba wa Konayuki no You ni

Magical Tetris Challenge featuring Mickey

Marvel vs. Capcom: Clash of Super Heroes

MediEvil II

Metal Gear Solid: Integral

Minna no Golf 2 / Everybody’s Golf 2

MLB 2002

MLB 2003

MLB 2004

MLB 2005

My Garden

NBA Shootout 2001

NBA Shootout 2002

NBA Shootout 2003

NBA Shootout 2004

NCAA Final Four 2001

NCAA Game Breaker 2001

NFL GameDay 2001

NFL GameDay 2002

NFL GameDay 2003

NFL GameDay 2004

NFL GameDay 2005

NHL FaceOff 2001

Oha-Studio Dance Dance Revolution

Ore no Ryouri / My Cooking

Ore no Shikabane o Koete Yuke

Panekit: Infinitive Crafting Toy Case

Planet Laika

Pocket Jiman

Pocket MuuMuu

PoPoLoCrois Monogatari II


Pop’n Music: Animation Melody

Pop’n Music: Disney Tunes

Pop’n Music 2

Pop’n Music 5

Pop’n Music 6

Resident Evil 3: The Last Escape

Resident Evil: Survivor

Robbit mon Dieu


Rockman 2: Dr. Wily no Nazo

Rockman 3: Dr. Wily no Saigo!?

Rockman 4: Aratanaru Yabou!!

Rockman 5: Blues no Wana!?

Rockman X5

Rockman X6

Rockman 6

SaGa Frontier II

Saru! Get You!/Ape Escape

Silent Hill

Spyro The Dragon

Spyro: Year Of The Dragon

NOTE: do not use the memory card GameShark feature to enable additional codes or the anti-tamper protection will trigger. There is also a ~15 second pause before the start menu appears, be patient and the game will unfreeze and work as intended! The protection is completely disabled by Tonyhax International so no issues will happen when playing.

Street Fighter EX2 Plus

Strider 2

Tokimeki Memorial 2

Tokimeki Memorial 2 Emotional Voice System Append Disc (Disc 1) (Minadzuki - Kotobuki - Sakura)

Tokimeki Memorial 2 Emotional Voice System Append Disc (Disc 2) (Akai - Ichimonji - Yae)

Tokimeki Memorial 2 Emotional Voice System Append Disc (Disc 3) (Shirayuki - Ijuin - Nozaki)

Tokimeki Memorial Drama Series Vol. 3: Tabidachi no Uta

Tomba! 2: The Evil Swine Return

Tron ni Kobun

Um Jammer Lammy

Vandal Harts II

Wild Arms II

World Soccer Jikkyou Winning Eleven 4

XI[SAI] Jumbo

Yu-Gi-Oh! Forbidden Memories