GameShark Code Support

Tonyhax International now has the ability to apply user-supplied GameShark codes to any game before starting it. This uses my save game GameShark storage system as well as MottZilla’s ‘Cheat Engine’, the latter of which has only previously been put to use by the APv2 bypass system.

How It Works

1) Create a save game file using the new THIGSGEN program supplied in each Tonyhax International release, found in the gameshark directory.

2) Copy the TONYHAXINTGS file to a memory card, this takes up 1 Block of space.

3) Put the memory card in Slot 1 of your PSX console. Start Tonyhax International using any boot method.

4) When you see the text Press O to enable GS codes in the Tonyhax International loader, press the circle button on your controller. You will then see the text Reading MC..., followed by X code lines detected (where X is the number of code lines that were found in the save file. Please note that this can be more then the amount of lines in the txt file used to generate the save file due to how GameShark codes work.

5) Boot your game as normal, and enjoy the GameShark codes.

Note If you reset the console (while in the International loader) when using the GameShark cheat cartridge boot method and then try to read the memory card after the loader restarts it won’t work work until you reinsert the memory card.

Games That Can’t Be Used With The GameShark Feature

You can not use the GameShark feature with the english translation of Planet Laika due to the translation using the same RAM this uses.

You can not use the GameShark feature with Spyro YOTD releases without tripping the anti-tamper anti-piracy measure.

YouTube Videos On This Functionality

Here’s some awesome vids by my friend JMaxxl:

Supported Codes & Limits

All codes beginning with the one of the following prefixes are supported:

More code types will be supported in future releases.

The amount of codes that may be enabled all at one time simultaneously is hard capped at 255. Up to 139 codes have been verified to work all at once on real PSX hardware.


Tonyhax International GameShark Generator (THIGSGEN)

This is a command line program found in the gameshark directory of each Tonyhax International release. There are 4 different binaries available:

So find the correct binary to use for your computer in one of the folders above. It will be named thigsgen.exe (Windows) or thigsgen (Linux).

On Windows, and most Linux distros, you can simply drag and drop the the txt file (containing each code line on it’s own line, without any gaps) on top of the thigsgen.exe or thigsgen executable file. This will generate the TONYHAXINTGS raw save file containing the codes.

Note: If you put a code line in your txt that has a code prefix that isn’t supported, the TONYHAXINTGS file will not be generated. You can only have code lines with the above supported code prefixes.

THIGSGEN Parasite Eve Debug Room Gen

Copying The TONYHAXINTGS File To A PSX Memory Card

So now you should have a TONYHAXINTGS file containing the GameShark codes you desire to use. The next step is to copy this file to your PSX memory card.

You can use a PS2 console to copy the save files to a PS1 memory card from a USB flash drive.


Installation With A PS2:

Using GameShark Codes In The Tonyhax International loader

Start the Tonyhax International loader using any boot method. When you see the text Press O to enable GS codes do so on your controller. Then boot the game that the codes are for as usual. Enjoy!